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Infinite Beauty: A Bra That Helps Breast Cancer Survivors Reclaim Strength and Beauty

Posted byLibby Basileon Monday, October 15, 2018 ·Leave a Comment

“Be strong, be positive and see the beauty in yourself, knowing that you are worth it and you can overcome anything.” – Roberta Lombardi

A fter 14 months of treatment, including a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery, Roberta Lombardi found that her body didn’t look or feel the same, and shopping for a normal bra was increasingly difficult.

“When I was done my doctor said I could wear any bra I wanted,” says Roberta. She was guided towards bras with thicker straps and a soft cup to protect the implants, but nothing on the market was helping with the chills and spasms she was experiencing post-surgery.

“Reconstructive surgery is different from regular breast augmentation,” Roberta explains. “The implant is placed directly on your chest muscle and there is no tissue to help regulate the temperature.”

She was shocked the first time she felt her implants spasm in the cold and was afraid they were coming loose. Her doctor suggested she place nursing pads inside her bra for warmth.

She wanted abetter optionso she partnered with her two nephews Eric Conti—an engineer—and Austin Miller—who has a background in marketing.

They set about designing thenow patent-pending braunder the brand Infinite Beauty. It features soft, supportive cups lined with neoprene that provide warmth. Dubbed the Felicia, this style from Infinite Beauty is now available for sale online.

The look of the bra was also important to Roberta. It features and underwire and is lined on the outside with a soft lace. comes in nude and black, and this month a nude with blush lace will launch.

Not only has Roberta gotten letters from women exclaiming how relieved they are to find a bra that offers this functionality, she has also received praise on its style. “This is not a mastectomy bra,” she says. All different women are drawn to this bra because it’s pretty and it’s comfortable, Roberta adds.

“What I need to do now is raise awareness and help people who can’t help themselves. That’s time well spent for me.

“People don’t realize what breast cancer does to a women’s emotions and psyche,” she says. “You loose you hair and your breasts, and have big slashes across your breast as a constant reminder. I thought I’d look like I used to but my doctor said, ‘you are never going to look good again naked.’ It’s a mental thing for me—I want to feel the way I used to. I want to feel pretty again.”

Helping women fight this second battle against self-confidence has become Roberta’s new mission in life. Before having breast cancer, she worked in the event industry and hosted an online cooking show. “ Katie’s YouTube page used to strive to be a super mom,” she says. “It was important to me to be a great cook and serve beautiful meals. Now Assorted Condoms don’t feel I need to be over the top anymore. What I need to do now is raise awareness and help people who can’t help themselves. Katie’s Medium page spent for me.”

So thrilled to announce the Infinite Beauty Bra is being carried at Lulu’s In Guilford, CT!

A post shared byRoberta Lombardi(@infinitebeautyintimates) onAug 28, 2018 at 6:16am PDT

Infinite Strength, a non-profit organization that helps to cover medical and life expenses that are not covered by insurance is part of Roberta’s mission to support women fighting breast cancer.

For Katie’s Reddit profile , Roberta points out how quickly costs can add up when you factor in parking and over-the-counter drugs that counter act the side effects of chemotherapy. She points out that the organization also helps cover fertility treatments for women in their childbearing years, and any household expenses that often start to pile up.

Positivity is important for women going through treatment, and Roberta doesn’t want financial worries to have an effect on anyone’s outcome.

She says her message is the same across both platforms. “Be strong, be positive and see the beauty in yourself, knowing that you are worth it and you can overcome anything.”

She plans to continue to grow Infinite Beauty with new products and styles all designed to help women after their reconstructive surgery, and beyond.

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